Girlzactive Spring Sessions Castricum

Kitecamp v.a. 175 euro

Kite progressie reis in eigen land: Castricum!

Vanaf €175

Deze zomer organiseert het Girlzactive team een aantal weekenden in Nederland om je skills naar een volgend niveau te brengen: the ‘progressions kite weekenders’. Het wordt samen met 4Winds georganiseerd bij de luxe club Sports at Sea. Per weekend zijn er 15 plaatsen dus wees er snel bij. Beginners krijgen 2 * 3 uur les, en gevorderden krijgen 2 dagen clinics met Kelly Schouten.


We willen je graag wijzen op Girlzactive. Maroean van Girlzactive heeft een heel mooi concept opgezet voor de kitende vrouw. Ze weet uit eigen ervaring de beste locaties en onderkomens. Kijk eens op de site van Girlzactive. Een surfcamp dat we jullie graag mee willen geven is het progressiekamp in eigen land in Castricum 10-11 juni 2017.

“Lekker weg in eigen land”

This summer the Girlzactive team organizes again a set of nice progression kite weekenders in our home country; the Netherlands. New for 2017 is the beach close the Amsterdam, we will be based in Castricum during the spring sessions at a very nice and luxurious sports club : sports at sea. Together with 4Wind, we organize our june spring sessions at the beach. Again 15 spots, we won’t exceed, so sign up before you miss out.

Progression for every level and of course a good atmosphere are the goals for this weekender. The beginners can take 2x 3h of lessons and for the advanced, we organize 2 days of clinics with Kelly Schouten to improve your level!

During the weekend you can test the new materials of Brunotti & Liquid Force Kiteboarding. Besides kitesurfing, SUP & surf, we offer beach games in case of no wind, bring our HoolaHoops, DIY workshop, SUPboards, etc.

The weekender includes 1 night of stay on the beach!, food, bbq & videoanalysis night, clinics and all necessary materials (kite gear for advanced: bring your own!). Should there not be enough wind to finish all the lessons, than you can catch them up during the season of 2017 and we will offer alternative activities.

After a pleasant day on the beach or an adventurous day with new board sport experiences, it can be nice to just let yourself doze off in a comfortable couch with a cold drink or a cup of coffee, while the night falls and it slowly gets dark. Often you can share your experiences and impressions with other girls at the school (or our crew which will be around,) or if the mood calls for entertainment, maybe an interesting surf related film could tempt those interested in our own lounge at the kite school. Of course we will organize a bbq night at the kite school and when interested Kelly & Maroean will give theorie classes.

We created a wonderful package, with everything included, so you don’t have to think about anything more than your sleeping bag, wetsuit, kite gear or which bikini you will wear! Just relax from the moment you drive your car to Castricum.

The Girlzactive team looks forward to meet you (again), see you at Castricum!

LEVEL : beginner & advanced

Over Girlzactive

Women’s only kiteboarding camps to the most impressive locations in the world, that’s Girlzactive ♥We are happy after a good session on the water, snow or on the tarmac. But we also enjoy a relaxing evening by the campfire with good company, a nice yoga session in the morning, healthy food to keep us fit or lazily dreaming away in a hammock during the sunset. … Our goal is to share those feelings with as many girls as possible; we are good at creating trips that include all the ingredients for the right vibe.

‘Ask anybody who has ever stood up on a kiteboard and they’ll tell you there’s nothing like that first time. It’s an incredible feeling you never forget, one that can change your life. The same is true about any other type of board. Mastering these admittedly challenging skills is so exhilarating, not only because of the pure joy we experience when performing them, but the self confidence we gain as a result. Such moments lead us to believe that if we can accomplish these feats, then there’s likely much more we can achieve from having the courage to try.’

Most woman love self control, kitesurfing isn’t, at least not the first months while learning it. And still after all the hours on the water we would never ever say a kite can’t surprise me anymore, as weather is also part of the sport. Of course we do believe as crew we have full control, but still. Exactly this is the reason for most to find it hard to start. You have to let go, enjoy, every hour under that kite you learn new stuff. We would love to take you on the water and learn you how to! 

We offer kiteboarding camps, including surf, SUP, longboard, wakeboard and snowboard events for every level, from beginner to advanced. With Girlzactive you get to discover all the board sports, yourself and the world. You learn to practice them in a sociable and safe environment. Thanks to our professional instructors, it is possible for beginners to learn quickly. For the advanced traveler, we offer trick clinics and video analysis.

Do you enjoy a healthy & active holiday full of boards, adventure with fellow female travelers and an amazing crew?! Welcome to the world of active (board) sports – Welcome to!



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